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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Attorneys at McNabb, Bragorgos, Burgess & Sorin regularly address clients’ problems through mediation. The firm’s lawyers continually assess the ripeness of a dispute for possible resolution through mediation and seek to solve clients’ problems efficiently through timely mediation when that process helps clients best achieve their goals. Every attorney at the firm has been an advocate for clients in mediations and is skilled at determining minimum levels of knowledge about facts that successful mediation requires. Few weeks pass without a firm attorney’s appearance for a client in mediation.

Firm Members As Neutral Mediators

Many firm members act as mediators. Leland McNabb, Barry Burgess, Jack Wade, Pam Blair and Courtney Vest are “listed” as Rule 31 Mediators by the Tennessee Supreme Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission. Attorneys McNabb and Michael Neal are members of the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators. Click here for a link to a feature article about Mr. McNabb in the association newsletter. Click here for a link to an article by attorney McNabb about basic rules for mediation.

The firm’s “listed” Rule 31 Mediators rely on their extensive exposure in many areas of law and their long trial experience to be able to “talk” to litigants about the complexities and pitfalls that trials involve. The firm’s “listed” mediators continually refresh and expand their alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques and skills.

Pam Blair Is “Listed” By The Supreme Court As A Family Law Mediator

Attorney Blair customizes mediation services for family law to the budgets and goals of her clients. The goal in each case is to minimize drama and histrionics and save expenses. Through mediation, she assists divorcing couples to maintain equilibrium and control of the outcome. When the divorce involves children, mediated agreements can be the foundation for compromise necessary for future co-parenting between parties who might not otherwise get along, and Ms. Blair assists couples in following a simpler, less expensive path to resolution.

She will meet with the divorcing couple jointly and assist them toward settlement, not as a lawyer for either party, but as a mediator. As a neutral leader, she will ensure that the parties equally understand the procedures involved along the path to divorce with the goal of reaching a workable agreement that the parties can take to counsel of their choice for final steps.

Contact us by calling 901-624-0640 or by using this form, to assess whether your legal issue is a good candidate for alternative dispute resolution. While we are based in Memphis, we also have an office in Nashville and serve clients throughout the state of Tennessee.