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Insurers Deserve Skilled Representatives

The insurance industry represents an important function: providing necessary support to people who need help after a loss. Ensuring that your business operates properly and provides those essential services is vital. However, the efficient operation of an insurance company can be problematic in the face of false claims or overly aggressive litigation.

At McNabb, Bragorgos, Burgess & Sorin, PLLC, our highly experienced team of attorneys has provided necessary, cost-saving legal services to insurers across the greater South for decades. We have earned our respected reputation with highly effective service that your company can trust.

Defending You From Wrongful And False Claims

It is a fact that specious insurance claims represent an incredible financial risk to insurers. These claims violate the letter and spirit of your insurance contracts, and you cannot run a profitable business without addressing and denying such claims.

We have extensive experience defending clients against these claims and identifying them in the first place. Early identification of false or wrongful claims can be an important cost-saving strategy.

Why Work With McNabb, Bragorgos, Burgess & Sorin, PLLC?

With our history of working with businesses from Memphis and across the greater South, including Arkansas and Mississippi, we have a wide range of experience. We provide you with:

  • Attentive service: We take pride in being a “small-town firm that gets big results.” One reason we have earned this reputation is our focus on our clients and their needs.
  • Experienced legal knowledge: With over 370 combined years of experience, there are few insurance law matters that our attorneys have not handled.
  • Confidential representation: Insurance defense can be an extremely sensitive issue. We provide total confidentiality to clients while we protect their businesses.

As a firm dedicated to providing businesses with legal advice that can make a difference, we work hard to build solutions our clients can trust.

Dedicated. Knowledgeable. Thorough.

From our offices in Memphis we work with clients throughout the greater South. Reach out by calling 901-624-0640 or send us an email. Find out what our team can do for you.